Are you ready to make a real difference in your community? We have an exciting opportunity just for you! Calling all Duke of Edinburgh’s volunteers!

We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to join us for a special disabled football event.

Why should you get involved? Here’s why:

  • Make an Impact: create an unforgettable experience for athletes with a disability, empowering them to showcase their skills on the field
  • Celebrate Diversity: everyone, regardless of ability, can come together and share their love of the beautiful game!
  • GIve to your community: by volunteering, you’ll be making the world a better place and inspiring others aswell
  • Gain Experience: volunteering is an opportunity for personal growth and skill development, like teamwork, leadership and communication skills
  • Create Memories: you’ll forge new friendships, create lasting memories, and be part of a community that values compassion and inclusion.

No matter your background or experience level, there’s a place for you on our team. Whether you want to help with event planning, assist athletes, or spread the word, your contribution will make a difference. Join us and let’s kick off something amazing together! For more information and to sign up, contact:

#rachelslearningcentre #peoplehelpingpeople #empoweringyouthforabrighterfuture #PlayForInclusion #VolunteerForChange

Ringraziamo per questa opportunità il Lions Club Torino Principe Eugenio e il Lions Club Torino Cittadella.